We have a modern fleet of coaches and minibuses with a large range of VIP-class vehicles between 2 and 60 seats.


Soler Bus, eficiencia y confort

This variety enables our services to adapt perfectly to all customer requirements in Barcelona. Coaches, buses, mini-buses and luxury cars equipped with the latest features: reclining seats, electronic climate control, DVD, TV, refrigerator, WC, double glazing, panoramic windows, ergonomic headrests, seat belts, etc.

  • All our vehicles are equipped with safety frames and roll bars.
  • ABS, ASR (antiskid brake ice) and Double glazing.
  • Seats with R80-compliant anchorage.
  • Hydraulic damper with automatic control of maximum speed.
  • Comprehensive vehicle suspension.
  • Emergency exits in doors and windows.
  • Chassis with impact-resistant sides and front.
  • Monitoring and control systems to ensure correct driving times.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with seat belts
  • Panoramic windows
  • Gaming tables (depends on the vehicle).
  • Reclining seats with arm rests and headrests to provide greater comfort
  • Programmable air-conditioning and climate control
  • Video/audio system, in many cases with double screen
  • Individual reading lights
  • Refrigerator
  • Large luggage space
  • Preventive maintenance of the fleet in our own workshops.

All of this is accompanied by strict compliance with European safety directives for coaches, responsible driving and respect for the environment.


1 - INDCAR MAGO 30 pax

2 - INDCAR MAGO 30 pax